Looking for basement finishing contractors in Akron Oh brings up a variety of listings in a web search.  Few if any contractors have the experience with basement spaces of Pioneer Basement Solutions.  For over 41 years Pioneer has been helping homeowners in north east Ohio solve their wet basement and structural issues.  Finishing the basement only after ensuring it is dry and structurally sound is one of the things that makes Pioneer stand out from other basement finishing contractors in Akron OH.

Look for a contractor who will make the process as easy as possible.  You should expect a basement finishing contractor to help with design to ensure you maximize the use of your space.  Offering guidance on budget before design is another important.  Options can add up with any remodeling project so although it is okay to have a wish list it is important to know what your cut off number is.

Utilizing experienced, licensed and insured professionals will ensure you are left with a quality project finish without the worry of what may happen if something goes wrong.  Basement finishing contractors in Akron, OH or any other city who are not carrying liability insurance and insurance on all workers leave you open for claims against your insurance policy.

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Large basement with kitchen

Do your homework on any company you are considering.  Look at the Better Business Bureau listing to see when the company was established.  Look at the complaints page to see what kind of complaints exist as well as any record of how they responded.   You have to look deeper than the grade that the Better Business Bureau assigns to contractors.  You will notice just about every contractor get the A / A+ grade.  That is why it is important to look at the complaints and compare it to other sites that rate basement finishing contractors Akron, OH.

Angie’s List and Home Advisor have databases of customer reviews you can read through.  The grade that is assigned in these databases is a score based on the grade cards from the customers themselves.  This is a much more representative grade on customer experience. You can learn a lot about how companies do business by reading the feedback of their customers.