Basement finishing ideas

So many great things you can do with a finished basement!

If you get stuck trying to imagine your new basement space, we can help.  Our basement finishing designer can evaluate your basement for things that may present a challenge or an opportunity.  We will walk through your space with you to get to know how you plan to use it.  We will discuss overall space goals, finishes, budget, and timelines.

Some popular uses for finished basement spaces are

An extra family room

Have teens or college / adult age kids that need a space to crash? An extra family room means space to spread out and not have to fight over the remote. 

Maybe you have two adults in the house working different shifts and you need a space to be able to watch TV and not fill the main living space of the home with sound.

Home Theater

One of the most enduring of the basement finishing ideas has been installing a home theater space whether that is a dedicated room or incorporated into a general-purpose area. Want that big screen experience in the comfort of home?  Design a room where you can escape to enjoy your favorite moves at any volume.

Gaming space

The word gaming can mean a lot of different things to different people. Whether gaming means old school fun like a pool table, table tennis, shuffleboard etc. or a space for the latest console command center, the options are wide open.  Maybe you want to design an area where you can host board game night or play arcade games. 

Kids play space

Tired of seeing all those toys scattered throughout your main living area?  A great way to clean that up is to create space in your finished basement where kids can be kids.

Home Office

Working from home more than ever?  You can carve out a quiet home office in your basement where important phone calls will not get interrupted.  Maybe simply moving your “organized chaos” out of site would be a homerun.

Regardless of your need to prioritize or develop your basement finishing ideas, our team can help.


Ohio basement finishing

Most Ohio homes has basements, which can be finished to add usability, comfort and value to your family home.

What will you do?

Finishing a basement in your Ohio home will give you a lot more usable space.  What will you do when your Ohio basement finishing project is complete?

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