Before finishing your basement, you need to think about this, what are my goals, budget and conditions of the space.

You may want to create more space in your home by making use of your basement. Maybe you need space for the kids or an office or a cool hang out space for entertaining friends. For whatever reason you might want to make use of that space, you would have to first consider a few things.

Finishing your basement will require some creativity to get to a design that works. There are steps that you will have to consider and make sure the space is okay before you finish it. These are a few reasons why you should hire a basement finishing professional like Pioneer Basement Solutions.

A professional basement finishing contractor like Pioneer Basement Solutions will use materials that are moisture, mold and mildew resistant to be sure your basement is a healthy space. Before finishing your basement, you should identify if your basement has any water or structural issues. You should check for pools of water, dripping walls, water stains on walls on cracks on the foundation.  Look at the outside grading of the soil and slope from the foundation. You should divert water 10 feet away from the house by extending your downspouts. You should also look for the cracks and any other issue in the foundation for repair.

A great space for the family

Check on your mechanicals, such as water heater, furnace & air conditioning and water supply before you start working.

A basement home requirement may also require a permit before starting any projects. You should consult the local officials to determine whether an inspection is needed. Sometimes there are specific requirements you may have to meet, such as maximum height and stairs.

Before finishing your basement, you should identify what investment range you are comfortable with.  Having a budget will be important to help guide your contractor to maximize your dollars and focus on designing the space that will not only work for you but also with your budget.