Why finish your basement?

When you finish a basement you are not only adding to the value of your home but you are giving yourself the benefits of extra usable space.

You can turn an unfinished basement into a finished basement rather quickly. When considering finishing your basement consider what you expect to get out of the space. Do you plan to use it as a storage area? Maybe you want to use it as a guest bedroom area?

The added bonus of having a place that has a finished floor, walls and ceiling adds to the home value because you are adding livable space to the home. You could do anything with a finished basement like make an extra bedroom and bathroom facility. You could also create an out of this world gaming or family entertainment room.

The idea of putting furniture or electronics in an unfinished basement is a little concerning. Most basements have moisture of some kind in them and that can make furniture start to smell like that musty smell. Moisture has detrimental effects on electronics as well.

The benefits of having a finished basement definitely surpass the downside. The only downside could possibly be the cost. A lot of homeowners can use built-in equity to obtain funds for the remodel. Some may even qualify for a personal loan. Basement Finishing 1,2,3 offers financing options that can help most homeowners.

Remember when remodeling your basement and hiring a contractor, they work for you. Tell them what you want but understand that sometimes you might have to flex a little bit on where a wall goes after all they do know best wall placement. Another thing to keep in mind when finishing a basement is that you will get the pleasure of picking floor type and wall material so make that basement cozy.

Finished basements are something many new home buyers look for when choosing a home too. The difference between a finished basement that is warm and inviting versus a cement bare basement that might has water or moisture will make a huge difference if you are trying to sell a home.