Brunswick Basement Finishing

Are you fed up with a damp basement? Are the basement walls cracking or bowing? Are you looking for more living space? Brunswick homeowners find that finishing their basement is the best way to increase the living space of their home without the need for an addition. They are also aware of the difference in price and square footage between finishing their basement and adding an add-on. A 20×20 add-on costs around $50,000 on average, and that’s all the room you get. On the other hand, if you refinish your basement, it can give you the same amount of square footage as the first floor of your home with less expense. The idea of having a bedroom, family room, office, or child’s playroom in the basement becomes a real possibility.

Hire the Best Basement Finishing Company In Brunswick, Ohio

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You have decided to renovate the basement of your house instead of paying for an add-on. Now you want to know who to hire to do the job right and without charging you too much.

Brunswick residents know it is crucial to hire a company with enough experience to deliver a beautifully finished basement for them. They are also aware refinishing a basement requires a lot of steps that can be difficult if the company is new and does not have the expertise to deliver a job well done. It can also be expensive, especially if there are corrections needed because of mistakes made.

Many new contractors and companies advertise their services every year. Those contractors and companies aren’t equipped to do the job correctly or on time. Many of them offer patented, bogus systems in order to charge more. And although some of them may offer a lower estimate than other companies, the final cost could be higher if they have to fix their mistakes.

Pioneer Basement Finishing can finish your basement with outstanding craftsmanship. Their professional and experienced teams have been providing exceptional customer service since 1979. Pioneer Basement Finishing has the expertise, experience, and professional teams to make your basement a beautiful floor in your home.

You can read their Better Business Bureau (BBB), Angie’s List, and Home Advisor reviews online, or better yet, you can contact them to talk to them personally.

Finish Your Brunswick Basement the Right Way

Pioneer Basement Finishing will thoroughly inspect the basement of your home before starting the refinishing project to ensure that there are no foundation problems or water damage. They will check the basement walls for moisture accumulation. They will check basement walls for cracks or wall bowing. They will inspect the basement for water seepage from weak mortar joints or subfloor. In other words, before they start work inside, they will inspect the exterior thoroughly to deliver a basement you will be proud to own.

How does water get into the basement?

In many older homes in Brunswick, Ohio, water can seep into a home through three main areas:

  1. The walls
  2. The seam between the floor and the wall, and
  3. The subfloor 

Many homeowners face water seepage in their basement without realizing it, and that can lead to severe water damage in their homes.

The main waterproofing system installed during construction does not last forever. The main waterproofing system includes a sealant applied to the wall and a drain at the foundation’s base. Basement leaks can occur after many years or when the sealant has worn out. Also, the foundation drainage system may not be functioning properly any longer leading to water damage to your basement.

Brunswick homeowners planning to renovate their basements should ensure it is waterproofed before they start work inside.

Pioneer Basement Solutions is a leader in basement waterproofing and foundation repair. Our professional and talented teams are well-versed in interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems. Pioneer is a company with over 40 years of experience. We can waterproof your basement and fix any foundation problems or replace it completely. We have the experience to back up our claims.

Protect your Brunswick, Ohio investment. Pioneer Basement Waterproofing and Finishing will make sure your investment lasts for generations.

Use Only The Best Materials

Many older homes in Brunswick, Ohio have basement waterproofing problems. Many of these waterproofing issues are age-related. These homes are vulnerable to the extreme Northeast Ohio weather.

Basement water leaks can sometimes be caused by poor construction materials. Many homeowners don’t know this until it is too late.

Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing use only the finest waterproofing materials to finish your basement. We use the latest technologies and products to ensure that your basement is waterproof for many years. We will stop mold growth and moisture accumulation. Foam board insulation will replace fiberglass.  Foam board insulation acts as a barrier against condensation and is superior to fiberglass. We will be using metal-stud framing for basement finishing because it is the best option. Metal studs won’t rot, grow mold, or mildew.

Modular finishing systems are a favorite of contractors. These systems are made up of multiple trim pieces that are joined together at the seams. The look is more of office space or mobile home than of a home. The materials used by Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing blend seamlessly into your home to deliver a beautifully finished basement for your family.

How much does it cost to refinish the basement in Brunswick, Ohio?

When calculating the cost for a project, there are many things to take into consideration. Cost to finish a basement depends on the location of your home, what materials you use, and the square footage of the home. Google will give you different prices depending upon where you live and the size of your basement. Prices can start at $25-$50 per square foot, and they can go as high as $90 per square foot. It all depends on the size of your basement, the materials used, and labor costs.

You may have spoken to different companies regarding the price of your project. And you might be wondering why prices are so widely different. Here are a few answers for you:

  1. Different companies may charge different prices for labor costs
  2. Superior/poor materials may be used by a company altering the price they charge
  3. A company might not include all information in their quotes
  4. Inexperienced contractors may guess at the price they are quoting

The price of a home will vary depending on the materials used. Ceiling options, lighting, flooring, and ceilings can all become very costly. Drop tiles are more expensive than drywall ceilings. Drop tile ceilings can be more expensive but are still preferred by many Brunswick homeowners. Why? Drop tile is better than Drywall. They come pre-finished so you don’t need to tap, mud or sand. Also, drop tile ceiling installation is faster and easier.

The price of a basement can change if you require a bar or bathroom installed. These rooms come in many styles and prices, so you may get different quotes from different companies you interviewed. It is understood the more rooms you want in the basement, the more they will cost to refinish. The trims, the lights, and the ceiling materials needed can increase the price of refinishing the basement of your Brunswick, Ohio home.

Egress windows are considered a good investment, even if they cost more. Egress windows increase the safety and value of your home, as well as maximize natural light from outside. Basement footage can be more valuable if it has egress windows.

Pioneer Basement Finishing can help you make a decision, and we will be happy to discuss your Brunswick basement options. It is advisable for any homeowner to set a budget when talking to any basement finishing company, and stick to it.

The bottom line

Remodeling your basement can increase the value of your home. If you are looking to sell your house, refinishing the basement of your Brunswick, Ohio home is a good financial decision. You can get the extra space you need by refinishing your basement at a fraction of the cost of adding an extension.

Contact the best company to do the job. Pioneer Basement Waterproofing & Finishing’s long history in the community is the only company you need to call. Our combined 40-years of experience have earned us a strong reputation in the area for providing high-quality workmanship.