There are few things that are absolutes when finishing a basement and #1 is don’t finish a leaky basement. Make sure your basement is dry, no leaks or dampness issues before you get the work started with basement finishing. Have a professional waterproofing contractor like Pioneer Basement Solutions do an inspection of your foundation.  The use of a professional grade moisture meter will indicate if there are any issues you may not be able to see.

Since you will be covering the foundation walls with your finishing material, it is important to be sure they are dry first. Dampness in the foundation behind finished basement walls can lead to mold and mildew issues as well as damage to your finished basement materials.

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Many people deal with all kinds of issues in their finished basements because they did not get the basement finishing done right. When you rush to finish the basement, you might miss an important step, and that is why you need to have a good company like Pioneer Basement Solutions conduct an inspection first. If any issues are discovered, we will review the potential solutions to take care of it permanently.

It is also very important to be sure there are no structural issues, however small they may be, before finishing the basement.  That crack in the basement wall you swear has been there for ten years and hasn’t gotten any worse could start to shift over time.  When walls move behind basement finishing materials it take a long time for that to get noticed.  Only when dry wall is buckling would you know there is a problem and by then it may mean the foundation will need to be replaced.

So aside from rule #1, don’t finish a leaky basement, #2 is don’t finish a basement with potential structural issues.  Call Pioneer Basement Solutions for a free inspection today.