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East Canton Basement Finishing is a project many homeowners have to think carefully about before starting it. But, there’s never a better time than the hot summer months to realize the great benefits a finished basement can bring to the family.  Right now, with historic low rates to finance your project and get more for your money, finishing the basement of your home is a project worth doing.

 Do you need extra livable space? Do you want the basement to be another beautiful floor in your home? If you are a homeowner who will benefit from a finished basement, contact Pioneer Basement Finishing to talk about your project. Many homeowners understand the difficulty and the expense of finishing a basement, but they also understand finishing the basement of their East Canton home is more affordable than building an addition.  For example, a 20×20 family room added to their existing home will cost them an average of $50,000.  This addition is much more expensive than finishing their basement. Furthermore, their basement can give them the same square footage as the first floor, without restricting themselves to the 20×20 room. East Canton homeowners can have a family room, an office, a TV room, or a child’s playroom. Those are all possibilities they can have with a beautifully finished basement.

Many homes around East Canton suffer from the inclement weather we experience around this area.  The hot summer heat and the frigid winter months can play havoc on the well-being of many homes.  The neglect, and the wear and tear those homes experience every year can be seen in the exterior and interior of the homes. Some of those issues can be serious and expensive if they have been ignored for many years. Those homes can have waterproofing and foundation problems that have been neglected for many years, and cannot wait any longer to be fixed

Hiring The Right Basement Finishing Company For Your Home

The decision has been made to finish the basement of your home, now what? Now, you need to find the right basement finishing company to do the job.  Who can you hire?

You need to hire a basement finishing company with the experience to deliver a job well done the first time around. Finishing the basement of a home requires knowledge and experience to do it well.  There are many steps that need to perform well before continuing on to the next one. If steps are missed or avoided, the cost of finishing the basement of the home can be costly and time-consuming.

Every year and during the springtime, there are many contractors advertising their services for basement finishing or basement waterproofing.  Many of them lack the experience and knowledge to deliver a product well done. In some instances, they will quote you a lower amount than their competitors to lure you, but in the end, the job will cost more.

Fortunately, for many homeowners in the East Canton area know, Pioneer Basement Finishing is an established basement finishing company with the experience they need to finish the basement of their home. Since 1979, Pioneer has helped many families around the area reclaim the basement of their homes.  We have the experience, expertise, and professional teams to deliver award-winning customer service to all our customers.

Do you need more proof or testimonials from our satisfied customers? Check our Better Business Bureau(BBB) rating, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor reviews.

Finishing your East Canton Basement  Well The First Time Around

When you hire Pioneer Basement Finishing, we will begin the process of finishing the basement of your home by doing a thorough inspection. We will check the foundation to make sure there is no water damage, water seepage, or bowed/cracked walls. Our team will look for any moisture build-up or wall bowing.  They will inspect the basement for any surface water seeping through the basement walls through cracks, weak mortar joints, or subfloor. If the problems are coming from the interior or exterior of the home, our talented team will find the problem before beginning the work.

Can You Protect Your Home From Water Damage?

Yes, you can protect your home from water seeping into the foundation and finding its way to the basement floor. Clean the gutters of the home yearly and after the fall season.  Make sure all leaves and debris are not clogging the gutters and preventing the water from flowing freely.  In other words, clean gutters are your best and the first line of defense to protect your basement from water leaks. Also, securing and replacing downspouts to allow the water drainage from pooling around the foundation is important. Do you have a drainage system in place? If so, make sure it is working properly. If there are any abutting concrete like driveways, patios, and sidewalks, you need to fix those and make sure the water is not draining into the basement. Any rainwater you have around the foundation will eventually find its way to the basement of the home. It is imperative there is no water accumulation around the foundation of the home, and the drainage from rainwater is at least ten feet away from the home.

Where Is The Water Coming From?

There are 3 main areas where water seepage can happen. The walls, the seam where the walls meet the floor, and the subfloor.

The main waterproofing system of the home is installed during its construction. It consists of a sealant on the wall, and a drain at the bottom of the foundation.  The sealant doesn’t last forever.  After many years, the sealant is gone and water can find its way to the basement.  The older the home the more likely it is water will seep into the foundation. Likewise, the home’s drainage system installed might not be working properly. In many cases, water in the basement of the home is a combination of both these issues.

If you want to finish the basement of your East Canton home, make sure it is waterproofed before doing any work. If you need a company to waterproof it, Pioneer Basement Solutions is a basement waterproofing and foundation repair company with extensive experience waterproofing basements.  Our talented and professional team has extensive knowledge in exterior and interior basement waterproofing systems. We have over 40 years of experience in foundation repair and basement waterproofing.

How Much Will It Cost To Finish My Basement?

The price of finishing the basement of any home depends on many variables. For example, the place where you live, the square footage of the home, the materials you use, and the labor price.  If you Google the price of a finished basement, Google will give you an estimate.   The prices can range between $25 and $50 per square foot or as high a $90 per square foot. For your East Canton home basement, the choices you make in materials can also alter the price as well.

Why are prices so different?  Because there are many variables that can change depending on your choices. Different types of flooring, ceiling and lighting choices can take the price higher than you think. Ceiling options can be as expensive as you want. If you choose to install a drywall ceiling instead of drop tile, the price will change. Even though drop tile ceilings are more expensive to install, it is the preferred choice of many East Canton homeowners. So why do homeowners prefer drop tile instead of drywall?

Drop tiles are pre-finished, so there is no taping, mudding, or sanding. The process of installation is faster and cleaner as well. More importantly, a drop tile ceiling will give you access to the water pipes, or electrical system in the home in case you need it in the future.

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The price of finishing the basement can increase if you want many rooms installed.  If you want a wet bar area or bathroom, the price can increase.   Keep in mind, the more rooms you want in the basement, the more drywall, trims, lights, and ceiling material are needed. There are many options for a finished basement, but, if you are serious and want to do it well, have a budget.  If you have a budget and want to stick to it, Pioneer Basement Finishing can provide you with options.

The bottom line

Finishing the basement of your home is cheaper than building an addition.  You will get more rooms, and the much-needed space you need.  It can also increase the value of the home if you are thinking about selling it in the future.  But, you must remember that to have a beautifully finished basement, you need to hire the right company to do it well. Finishing the basement of your East Canton home is a smart financial decision and an investment in your home.  Make sure to have a budget and stick to it. Overspending on a project is easy but is not a good financial move.

Contact Pioneer Basement Waterproofing and Finishing company to waterproof and finish the basement of your home. We have the experience and a talented team to deliver a beautifully finished basement for you. We have also the guarantees to back up our work. Contact us Today!