Green Basement Finishing in Ohio

Many Green, Ohio homeowners have for many years wish to have a finished basement they can use as an extension of their first floor. The extra space they can have with a finished basement allows them to have those rooms they wished they had and were unable to find the extra space.  A finished basement allows the homeowner to have the personal office they crave, the personal gym they want, and the playroom they need for their children. An extra family room in the basement of their home is another room every family can use.

Many homes in the Northeast Ohio area are older homes with basement problems. Because of their age, the cheap materials used, or the workmanship, many homes have many serious problems with the basement of their home.

Can Your Basement Be Improved?

 At Pioneer Basement Finishing, we believe we can improve the basement of your Green, Ohio home, and make it beautiful too. We can deliver a beautifully finished basement to give your home the extra space you need.

A talented and professional team will diagnose your basement home and talk to you about your options.

Finding The Right Basement Finishing Company

Every homeowner knows the difference between hiring a cheap contractor and hiring the right company.  Your home is one of the biggest assets you own, trusting the work to anyone is stressful and possibly not the right decision. Companies or contractors that offer deals too good to be true, usually are phony contractors who offer phony deals as well.

Thankfully, Pioneer Basement Finishing is an established company with a long history in the community and an excellent customer service record. You can check Pioneer Basement Solutions’ BBB rating, Angie’s List awards, or Home Advisor.  Pioneer is an award-winning company that will deliver an excellent product to you.

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Where Do I Begin?

The first step in finishing the basement of your Green, Ohio home is finding the right company to do the job. Then, you must be sure the foundation of our home is free of problems and the basement free of water damage. Pioneer Basement Finishing is a company with basement waterproofing and foundation repair experience. We will not only finish the basement of your home, but we will also make sure there are no foundation problems or water damage before we begin. Our talented teams will do the following inspection:

  1. Basement walls for water damage or seepage
  2. Moisture build-up
  3. Water seeping through cracks and weak mortar points
  4. Water coming from the subfloor
  5. The integrity of the foundation

As a Green, Ohio homeowner, you can be assured the work Pioneer Basement Finishing does for your home will be delivered with the highest quality in the industry.

Can I Finance My Basement Finishing Job Through Pioneer?

If you have postponed finishing your basement because of financing, you should contact Hearth, a financing partner of Pioneer Basement Finishing. You could qualify for a 0% interest rate for up to 18 months. Finishing the basement of the home should not be postponed, especially if you have problems with the foundation or water damage.

How Much Will Finishing My Basement Cost?

Like every project done around the home, there are many variables that come into play when finishing a project. The price depends on where you live, the materials you need, and the company you hire. If you Google search the price of a square foot for a finished basement, you will find prices between $25 and $50 per square foot, and as high as $90 per square foot. You need to talk to the company you hire about prices, materials, and time frame to finish the project. For example, ceiling options alone can vary depending on whether you want drywall ceilings or drop tile ceilings. Flooring can be as expensive as you want it depending on what kind of flooring you choose. If you are concerned about pricing, it is better to set up a budget and stick to it.  Talk to Pioneer about your budget and see if that’s a feasible budget to finish the basement of your home.

Better Materials, Longer Results

Many homes’ foundations have issues because of the cheap materials used during construction. Other homes have issues because of their age and the wear and tear of the home. Regardless of the reasons, Pioneer Basement Finishing uses the highest quality materials in the industry to finish the basement of your home. Pioneer uses the best products and technologies to deliver a finished basement that can increase the value of your Green, Ohio home and provide you with a finished basement you can be proud to have. Instead of using fiberglass for the insulation, Pioneer uses foam board to protect your basement from the elements and will act as a vapor barrier to further protect your home. The metal stud framing Pioneer uses for your finished basement will not rot or grow mold and mildew.  In other words, at Pioneer we use the best materials to deliver a better job for you and your home.

Finishing the basement of your Green, Ohio home is a big project.  It can be rewarding and it can add value to your home. Pioneer Basement Finishing is the company to call with the experience to finish your basement beautifully. Contact Us Today.