Litchfield, Ohio Besement Finishing

Do you need more room in your home?  Are you thinking about adding a room to the structure of the home? Are you uncertain about your decision? Have you thought about finishing the basement instead?

Finishing the basement of your Litchfield, Ohio home could be the best decision you can make to acquire more room at a fraction of the cost of an add-on.

Where to start? These are 5 suggestions to consider:

  1. First and foremost, you must make sure the basement of your home is dry and have no basement waterproofing issues.  If there is water damage and you do not know it, finishing the basement will be a project you have to redo in the near future and start the process anew. Financially, that is a terrible start and a waste of time and money for the whole family.
  2. If you find water damage or any other water issues, you must call a professional to come and inspect your home thoroughly. Any basement waterproofing or foundation problems will be addressed and repaired before starting the basement refinishing part.
  3. Make sure the sump pump, electric, and water pipes are fully functional.  If they need to be replaced or repaired, this is the time to do some serious work.  You need to call an electrician if any electrical issues are the problem.
  4. Make sure the gutters in the home are doing the job.  Check the gutters to make sure they are free of debris and are taking the water away from the foundation of the home. Check the spouting as well to make sure they are firmly attached and are taking the water at least 10 feet away from the perimeter of the house
  5. The flower beds, shrubbery, and the sloping of the soil around the foundation have to take the water away from the perimeter of the foundation instead of pooling and seeping to the basement of the home.

Can I do the Basement Waterproofing by myself?

As a professional basement waterproofing company, Pioneer Basement Solutions does not recommend waterproofing the basement by yourself.  Basement waterproofing might seem like a weekend project, but it can be a tricky problem for you if you do not know what to do.  Painting a wet wall, or filling cracks on the walls does not mean you have fixed the problem.  Water can come from different places and play havoc with the basement and foundation as well. Furthermore, unless you know where the water is coming from, you might not fix those leaks and have the same water problems right away again.

Our best recommendation is to consult a trustworthy company to come and diagnose the problems for you  They are professionals and now where the problems are.  They can explain the issues, offer you a  solution, and give you a quote to solve all your basement waterproofing problems right away.

Can I Finance my Basement Finishing  Project through Pioneer?

Yes, you can. Many basement waterproofing and finishing companies can work with you about financing the problem through a company they have a relationship with and they trust. Pioneer can offer to finance as well. And although Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing offers to finance your project, it is important and financially advisable for you to inquire about other options through your own banks to obtain the best possible rates.

Homeowners can obtain low-interest rates loans for home improvement projects through their banks, or home equity lines of credit with very competitive interest rates. Explore your options before committing to a company or to an interest rate loan not beneficial to you.

How much will it cost to finish the basement of my Litchfield, Ohio home?

It depends. The cost of finishing the basement of your home will depend on many factors. Here are 5 of them:

  1. The Square footage of your basement
  2. The number of rooms you wish to have
  3. The materials you choose
  4. The company you hire
  5. The location of your house

If you Google the price for a finished basement, Google will only give you estimates.  Those estimates can range from $25 to $50 per square foot to up to $90 per square foot. For your Litchfield, Ohio home you have many options about basement finishing companies around the area and that is a good thing.  You can get at least three different quotes from reputable companies and make your decision after you compare them.  Remember to compare apples to apples before you hire any company to finish the basement of your home.

Hiring the Right Basement Finishing Company for Your Project

If you have been looking into hiring a company to do the job, you know there are many companies advertising their services.  When you hire a basement finishing company, you need to be aware of their business practices and their reputation.  Pioneer Basement Solutions and Basement Finishing is a company with a long history in the Northeast Ohio area.  Established in 1979, Pioneer has an A+ rating at the Better Business Bureau with zero complaints. Pioneer has won many customer service awards and has a great reputation will all its customers.  If you want to hire a basement finishing company to do a job well done, you need to call Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing.

The Bottom Line?

Regardless of which company you call to finish the basement of your home, you need to keep in mind that such a project can increase the value of your home. If you hire the wrong basement finishing company, the financial cost can be devastating.  To protect your finances, consider these suggestions:

  • Have a budget and stick to it. Overspending on any project can be a costly mistake and you won’t recover the investment if you are planning to sell the home.
  • Hire the right basement finishing company.  Do your due diligence.  You will be happy you did.
  • Get three different quotes from three different companies to compare before you hire anyone.
  • Do not sign any contract before you fully understand it.

Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing has built a reputation in the Northeast Ohio area as a company that delivers excellent work, with the right price tag.  We believe in treating our customers well and delivering excellent craftsmanship every time. Contact us today.