Louisville Basement Finishing

There’s never a better time than the hot summer months to realize the great benefits a finished basement brings to the family.  Many homes around Northeast Ohio and Louisville suffer from the inclement weather we have in the area.  The hot summer and frigid winter months can play havoc to many homes around here.  The neglect, and the wear and tear those homes experience every year can be seen in the exterior and interior of the homes. They can have waterproofing and foundation problems that have been neglected for many years. The basement might be leaking, and the roof and gutters can be old and in desperate need of a replacement.

If you have an old, leaky basement you want to waterproof or finish, let us help.  Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing is a company with a long history in the community.  We founded Pioneer Basement Solutions in 1979, and have helped many Louisville homeowners waterproof the basement of their homes.  We have a long list of satisfied clients and the experience to do any small or big project in your home.

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NE Ohio Basement Finishing

Finishing the basement of any home is an all-consuming project for any family. From cleaning the basement, organizing the furniture and other items you want to keep, to waterproofing and finishing the basement of the home is a long project that can be stressful from beginning to end. That’s why hiring the right basement waterproofing and basement finishing company is so important.

Hire The Right Basement Finishing Company

Your Louisville home is probably one of the biggest assets you own. Trusting the work to anyone can be very difficult for any homeowner.  A job done poorly can be very costly to the homeowner, and bring many headaches as well. Who can you really trust to do an excellent job in your home? Pioneer Basement Solutions and Basement Finishing is an established company since 1979.  With over 40 years of experience waterproofing many basements around Northeast Ohio, our team can and will deliver award-winning service and craftsmanship to your home. How can you be sure? You can check our BBB rating, Angie’s List, or Home Advisor reviews.  We have no complaints from our customers, and we have been in business for over 4 decades.

Start Your Louisville Home Basement Finishing The Right Way

Finishing the basement of your home requires more than cleaning and emptying the basement.  It begins with a dry basement and a strong foundation. Pioneer Basement Finishing inspects your home basement to determine if the basement has any water damage, or whether the foundation is sturdy or has issues to address. Our team will inspect the basement walls, floor, and ceiling to determine if you have water damage or excessive moisture build-up. They will inspect the basement walls for any signs of cracks, weak mortar joints, or whether you have water coming through the subfloor. The inspection will be thorough and you can be confident it will be done right.

As a Louisville homeowner you can do a quick inspection as well:

  1. Check the gutters and spouting around the home. Make sure the gutters are free of debris and the downspouts are firmly attached.
  2. Check the water’s drainage system.  Make sure the water is draining away from the foundation of the home and there is no accumulation around the foundation.
  3. Check the Abutting concrete like driveways, patios, and sidewalks.  Make certain the water’s flow is away from the foundation and not towards it.

There are only 3 areas where water seepage can occur in Your Louisville Home

  1. The walls
  2. The seam where the wall meets the floor
  3. Through the subfloor

When your home was constructed, the main waterproofing system was installed.  It consists of a seal on the wall and a drainage system at the bottom of the foundation.  The seal does not last forever.  It can deteriorate or become weak and can no longer be effective. If it is completely gone or weak, water leakages occur.  Likewise, if the drain system is no longer working properly, water leaks will occur in the basement of your home.

Pioneer Basement Solutions, Basement Finishing, and foundation repair specialists is a company with over 40 years of experience waterproofing the basement of many Louisville homes.  Our experience with interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems makes us the leading company for any waterproofing problem your home might have. Before finishing the basement of your Louisville home, make sure your basement is free of water leaks or foundation problems.

Using the Best Materials For Your Louisville Basement Home

Some Louisville homes have issues that date back to the construction of the home.  The water issues they experience might be due to their age, but many others homes’ water leakage problems are because the materials they used during construction are cheaply made. Pioneer Basement Solutions and  Finishing work with the best materials in the industry.  Most importantly, we use the best materials and technologies suited for the job. We will make sure your Louisville basement is protected from mold and moisture by using foam board insulation instead of fiberglass.  Foam board is superior to fiberglass, as a result, it acts as a vapor barrier to decrease humidity buildup in your basement. Furthermore, we use metal studs that will not rot or grow mold/mildew in your home.

Pioneer Basement Finishing uses materials that blend beautifully with the rest of the home.  Other companies use modular finishing materials which use multiple trim pieces to join the panels at the seam.  These prefabricated panel systems give your basement an office wall or Mobile home look that doesn’t match the rest of the home. Pioneer smooth and seamless walls will blend with the rest of the home beautifully.

How Much Will Your finished Basement Cost You?

It depends on many things. Every Louisville house is unique.  Finishing the basement of any home depends on many variables.  Where you live, the materials you need, the company you hire, the time frame, the square footage, etc. A quick Google search can give you a very broad estimate. It can be from $25 to $90 per square footage. It also depends on the materials you want. Flooring choices and prices differ greatly, ceiling options can be expensive too.  If you are thinking about installing a bar, bathroom, or small kitchenette, those costs can add thousands to the cost. If you want many rooms in the basement, those can be expensive too. The more rooms you want, the more drywall, trims, lights, ceiling, etc you need.  Before starting any project in your Louisville home, discuss it with Pioneer Basement Finishing.

The bottom line

If you are ready to finish the basement of the home, you need to do it well.  The amount you want to spend should be discussed clearly and at the beginning of any project with the company you want to hire.  The amount is obviously up to you.  Furthermore, do not hire any company because the price is “cheaper” than another company.  That cost can end up bigger at the end of the project. In other words, hire a company that will deliver a job well done.  Pioneer Basement Finishing is the right choice to finish the basement of your Louisville home.  Our professional, trained team will deliver a beautifully finished basement with the right price tag.  We offer lifetime guarantees and welcome your questions and concerns about the project.  Contact Us Today.