Norton, Ohio Basement Finishing

Basement finishing in Norton, Ohio is a home project homeowners should carefully consider before starting. A finished basement that is ready to use during the summer heat is something many families wish they had. A basement renovation in Norton, Ohio can give you the space you need and could increase the value of your home.

There are many older homes in Norton, Ohio affected by the extreme heat and the cold winters we experience in the area. They can suffer from interior and exterior damage. Also, many of these homes suffer from neglect, in addition to the extreme weather conditions. If neglected for long periods of time, older homes can develop many problems. These issues can be costly and very expensive to fix. A leaky basement, for example, can cause foundation problems that need to be addressed along with basement waterproofing. The homeowner will need to spend more money to correct the problem if it is not addressed immediately.

Home addition vs. Finishing the basement

finished basement

We recommend that you finish the basement first if you require more space for your family or don’t want to spend a lot. In many cases, finishing the basement can give you the same amount of square footage as the first floor. Pioneer Basement Finishing can finish your basement and provide a beautifully finished basement for a fraction of the cost of adding another room.

Norton, Ohio homeowners are well aware of the costs and difficulties involved in adding a room to the structure of the home. A 20×20 family room would cost them on average $50,000 to add to their existing home. This is a more costly alternative than finishing their basement. Plus, homeowners will be limited to the amount of livable space that they can share with their family if they have a 20×20 room. The idea of an office, wet bar, or child’s playroom would be out of the question.

How can you find the best basement finishing company in your area?

You have many options when it comes to finding the right basement finishing company. For example, you can check the following companies to find out the rating, customer complaints, etc. first.

  1. Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  2. Google
  3. Angie
  4. Home Advisor
  5. A neighbor or family member

It can be difficult to find the right basement finishing company to do a good job and not overcharge. Also, the basement finishing company you hire must have the right experience to do the job right the first time. The company must know the steps they must complete before moving on to the next. Ignoring crucial steps and moving on to the next one will result in a costly problem you will need to fix later on.

Contractors advertise their services during spring for basement waterproofing or basement finishing every year. Many contractors lack the experience and knowledge to provide a high-quality product. Although they may offer lower prices than their competitors to get your business, the final cost could still be higher.

Pioneer Basement Finishing is a trusted basement finishing company in Norton, Ohio. They have the knowledge and experience to finish a basement right the first time. Pioneer Basement Finishing has helped many families in Norton, Ohio to reclaim their basements since 1979. Our professional teams have been delivering waterproofed and finished basements to families throughout Northeast Ohio for more than 40 years.

Do you need proof or testimonials from satisfied customers? Check out our Angie’s List rating, Better Business Bureau (BBB), and Home Advisor reviews to find out the kind of company Pioneer Basement Solutions is.

Complete your Norton, Ohio Basement Home Now

Pioneer Basement Finishing conducts an inspection before we start the work on finishing your basement. We will inspect the basement for water damage, water seepage, cracks, weak mortar joints, or subfloor. We will inspect any damaged or cracked walls. We will check the foundation for water buildup and wall bowing. We will also inspect the exterior and interior of the house before starting any work.

It is crucial to do a thorough inspection for water damage before we start finishing the basement of your home.

How can you protect your home from water damage?

After the basement is finished, there are many ways to protect your investment.

  • First, you need to protect your basement from water seepage. This can be done by cleaning the gutters once a year during the fall. Clear away any branches or leaves that may be blocking rainwater flow. Check that the rainwater can flow freely through the gutters, spouting, and drainage systems. Remember that water that pools around the foundation will eventually make its way to the basement.
  • To reduce humidity in your basement, using an affordable dehumidifier can help get most of the moisture out.
  • Third, repair any concrete that is abutting the foundation (e.g. driveways, patios, and sidewalks).

Where is the water coming from?

There are three main areas where water seepage can occur. The subfloor, the area where the floor meets the wall and the walls.

Why is water getting into my house?

During construction, the main waterproofing system for your home is installed. A sealant is applied on the walls and a drain system is installed at the bottom of the foundation. The sealant unfortunately does not last forever. The sealant will eventually begin to wear down and water will seep into the basement. Water seepage is more common in older homes because their drainage system is not working properly, or perhaps because the sealant is long gone. Regardless of the problem, these issues can lead to serious waterproofing problems for the homeowner.

How much does it cost to finish my basement?

There are many factors that can impact the cost of finishing your basement. For example, the cost can vary depending on where you live, how large the house is, what materials are used, and how much labor it takes. If you Google the cost of finishing a basement, Google will only give you an estimate. Prices can range from $25 to $50 per square foot or as high as $90 per square foot. Above all, the cost of finishing your Norton, Ohio basement can be affected by the company you hire.

Why are prices so different between companies?

Because no company prices the job the same, quotes can vary. The cost to finish a basement will change depending on many factors, including the number of rooms you want. If you want a wet bar or bathroom installed, the price will most likely be higher. If you want expensive floor tiles or trimmings, the price can change. If you chose to install a drywall ceiling in the basement it will be cheaper than installing a drop tile ceiling. In other words, prices will fluctuate from company to company, and from the choice of materials, you make. Our advice?  Have a budget ready when contacting any company and talk to them about what you are willing to spend finishing your Norton, Ohio basement home.

Why? Drop tiles are pre-finished, so there’s no need to tap, mud, or sand. Installing drop tiles is faster, easier, cheaper, and more efficient than installing drywall. Remember that finished basements require more trims, lights, and ceiling materials. Also, more manpower is required for more rooms. If you’re ready to sell your house, a well-done job can increase its value. You need to find the best basement finishing company to get a great return on your investment. As important as choosing the right company is, it’s equally important to set a budget and stick with it.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that finishing the basement of your Norton, Ohio home is cheaper than adding a 20×20 room. Also, finishing the basement of the home can most likely give you the same square footage as the first floor.  You will have more space to use it as you please, and you could increase the property’s value for and when you are ready to sell.

If you are ready to start on this home project call us. Pioneer Basement Waterproofing and Finishing is a company able to waterproof and finish the basement of your home. Our talented team has the experience and expertise to finish a beautiful basement at a reasonable price. We are fully insured and bonded for basement waterproofing in Northeast Ohio. Get in touch with us today!