Richfield Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is a great time for homeowners to complete large-scale projects. Basement finishing is a great option for Richfield homeowners who want to increase their living space without spending a lot of money on an addition.

Richfield is home to many older homes and new constructions homes in the area. Older homes are subject to the weather extremes that Northeast Ohio experiences every year. Because of the weather, many homes show serious signs of wear and tear. Many older Richfield homes have basements with many problems, including water seepage and crumbling foundation issues. This is especially true if these issues have been ignored for many years. Before you think about finishing your basement, it is important to fix the foundation and waterproofing problems first.

finished basement

Is Finishing Your Basement a Priority This Year?

If you are wondering whether you can improve the basement of your home, we are here to tell you that you can.  Basement refinishing can be a long, arduous project for many homeowners, but hiring the right basement finishing company can make the process easier and worthwhile.

Pioneer Basement Solutions can provide you with an outstanding solution for you. We are a company with more than 40 years of experience waterproofing basements, repairing foundations, and now refinishing basements for all our customers. We have a 40-year history of providing excellent customer service and a high level of customer satisfaction. Our high standards allow us to deliver finished products you will be happy to own.

If you have decided this is the year to do something with the basement of your home but do not have a trustworthy company to call, call Pioneer Basement waterproofing & Finishing solutions. We have the experience to waterproof your basement, repair a crumbling foundation wall or finish/renovate your entire basement into a more luxurious area of your home. At Pioneer, we have professional teams that can identify any problems you may have in the basement.  From water leaks or seepage, high levels of humidity, or serious foundation issues, we will find the problem and fix it before refinishing the basement.

What are the Common Foundation Problems I Can Have?

Richfield, Ohio homes can experience water damage to their basement and foundation because of the harsh weather conditions they experience every year. Foundation problems can be easily detected by a thorough inspection after a rain shower.  Cracked or bowed walls, water seepage at seams, moisture accumulation, and humidity are some of the most common signs you can detect and can alert you to foundation and waterproofing problems. Crumbling mortar and bricks in the foundation are signs that your foundation needs urgent attention. For your own peace of mind, you need to call a professional to inspect the basement of your home.

You can contact Pioneer Basement Solutions for a thorough inspection of your home.  All our customers receive a free, no-obligation quote.  We talk to you and offer you our findings and our solution to your problems without pressuring you to sign a contract right away.

Do You Need To Refinished Your Richfield, Ohio Basement?

If you want to refinish your Richfield, Ohio basement, you need an experienced and reliable company for the job. Pioneer Basement Refinishing is the only company with an outstanding reputation in the area that can deliver an outstanding job for you.

If you want to have extra livable space, a playroom for your children, or a coveted home office, having a refinished basement is the right choice for any homeowner.
Pioneer Basement waterproofing and Finishing’s workers are highly skilled and professional. After inspecting the basement of your home and ensuring the structural integrity of the foundation, we can start the refinishing part of the project.

Even if you do not know it, there are homes that need basement waterproofing before refinishing their basement. Our job is to ensure the basement refinishing we deliver will last you for many years. That’s why our professional and talented team will inspect the home first before giving you a quote or offering you a solution.

We are proud of the high quality of our work and our customer satisfaction record. Richfield, Ohio is part of our service area. We also serve Canton, Alliance, Akron, Hudson, and Massillon to name a few. It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of home you have.  We will provide you with excellent craftsmanship every single time.

Keep in mind, any investment in your home is always a good investment.

Who To Hire?

Numerous companies in the Northeast Ohio region and nationally will claim that they can waterproof or refinish the basement of your home. Be careful. Make sure they give you a guarantee of the work they promise to deliver. Not all companies will deliver the work they promised, and the time and money you spent won’t be recouped.  Your home is probably one of the biggest assets you own, you need to protect it. Before hiring anyone to do the refinishing of your Richfield, Ohio home, consult at least three different companies and obtain three different quotes.  Compare their prices, services, and time needed to complete the job.  Ask questions when deciding on a company, and demand clear guidance about the project.  A local company will have a well-known reputation around the area where you live.  Do your homework and you will be happy to find the right company for your project.

Before you hire anyone, contact Pioneer Basement Finishing.  Our A+ BBB rating and our perfect customer service record will show you why we are the only company to call for refinishing the basement of your home. Our 40 years of experience allows us to fix the problems as they arise because we have seen and repair all kinds of issues.  We won’t overlook problems because they are hard to fix, and we won’t overcharge you because we can. Since 1979, we have treated our customers the way we would like to be treated.  And our reputation backs up our claims.

Do You Need Something Small Done to Your Richfield Home?

If you need a small job done to the basement of your home, call us.  We repair foundations, waterproof, and refinish whole basements, but we do small jobs as well.  If you’re looking to repair only the basement walls, we can do that for you. If you need the basement ceiling done, we can help you with that. Our talented and professional team can tackle a big or small job with ease because they have the knowledge to fix it.

Pioneer Basement Solutions and Basement finishing is able to complete these projects for you. Call us at 330-454-866 to discuss your project.

Before You Hire Any Company, Here are some Tips For You

  1. Hire a company with basement waterproofing experience. Any company that is not familiar with basement waterproofing might overlook serious waterproofing and foundation issues that could be a problem for you in the future.
  2. Hire a company that is knowledgeable about the industry’s products and services. A company that is familiar with the best materials, how to brighten rooms, and which paints or seals work well and last longer. Because they are not specialists, a general contractor or handyman will not have the same knowledge as a company that specializes in basement finishing and repair.
  3. You MUST hire a fully licensed and insured basement waterproofing company. They are fully licensed and insured to provide you with the assurance you need.
  4. Hire a company with a strong history in the community and outstanding customer service.
  5. Hire Pioneer Basement Finishing. We are a company you can trust to complete the job on time and with quality. We stand behind our products and services. We have a long history in the Richfield-Canton-Akron area that backs up our claims.
  6. Hire a basement finishing company that owns its equipment. Hire a company that has access to higher quality supplies at a reasonable price and the ability to solve problems as they arise.
  7. Hire an experienced company with experienced teams that will refinish the basement of your home quickly and efficiently.

The Bottom Line?

If you’re looking to hire a waterproofing and finishing basement company to finish your basement, it is important to find a company that has the knowledge and experience to deliver great service and excellent results. You want a company that will deliver excellent results without overcharging you or without offering you bogus patented services that do not exist.  Contact Pioneer Basement Solutions and our Basement Finishing team will be ready to offer you a solution that makes sense.