Uniontown Basement Finishing in Ohio

Your Uniontown, Ohio home is a family investment, and when you need a basement company that can waterproof your basement, repair a foundation wall that is crumbling or bowed, or finish your entire basement into a more useful part of your home’s useful space, Pioneer Basement Finishing is the Uniontown basement finishing company you need to talk to.

Our professional team serving Uniontown basement finishing needs can help you by inspecting your basement and addressing your concerns. We look at water issues, flooding, dampness, and humidity issues to be sure there is nothing that needs to be repaired before beginning to finish your basement.

basement finishing uniontown
Large finished basement

Besides basement waterproofing, we can also inspect the home’s foundation to be sure there are not structural issues which might be unsafe over time, like crumbling foundation, sinking, or a bowed basement wall. 

Once we are sure the basics are covered, the team can then finish your basement or renovate it so that it is a new finished part of your home that you can use just like any other portion of the finished home.

Finishing a basement as well as renovating an old, outdated basement both need professionals with years of basement knowledge.  Homes that are only a few years old will usually be easier for finishing a basement. However, Uniontown basement finishing is frequently done on older homes, which have dampness, water or other issues, which need to be addressed before finishing the basement and hiding the problem.  You do not want mold and mildew in your basement walls or a wet carpet on your floor in the basement, which would trap dampness year-round and make the space much less useful.

Lower level family room with stone fireplace and large screen TV

Pioneer Basement Finishing is a professional basement finishing company that has a long history of doing work on basements in Uniontown as well as Akron, Wadswoth, Canton, Medina, Hartville, and Hudson.  We can go as far as Stow, Ohio, and beyond. Tell people you know, that they can trust Basement Finishing services performed by Pioneer Basement Solutions to finish their Ohio basement and add to their useful finished space in their home by finishing their basement. 

To be sure, Uniontown basement finishing, basic updates, and renovation can be done by a lot of people in the area, but you want an experienced, trusted company with over 40 years working on every issue involving basements in Ohio homes.  It is best if you choose people who understand basement issues, such as waterproofing, finishing, and foundation repair, so that you do not finish your basement and cover-up dangerous problems that could put your safety and health at risk, as well as devalue your home when problems get worse and cause damage.

What if you just need basic basement finishing in your Uniontown home?

Sometimes you just need a ceiling time repaired or a wall finished. Our basement finishing team has extensive experience with many issues, but it does not mean we only do complex basement finishing projects.  Just the finishing the ceiling or wall?  Or is it just the basement floor needs to be leveled so you can install a basement floor?  Call us at 330-454-8066 and let’s talk.

Want to hire a handyman or an independent basement finishing contractor in Uniontown, Ohio to finish the basement? 

Basements are complex due to water and foundation issues. There is a big difference between hiring a handyman or a basement finishing contractor when finishing or doing basement renovations in Uniontown.

  • A basement finishing company will have its own specialized equipment, access to better supplies at reasonable prices, and will not run into problems they have not seen before, because they have a lot of experience.
  • A basement finishing company will have many more years of experience and know the issues that can come up.
  • A basement finishing company should have better insurance and licenses. Always ask.
  • Doing business with a basement company with a long history of working with Uniontown basements means you will have someone who will stand by their work and come back when you need them.
  • Hiring an individual to repair a wall might get the wall patched up, but will that person be familiar with different issues, such as covering up a foundation issue that could be serious in your home?
  • Your Uniontown basement finishing job should take less time to complete with an experienced team that is used to doing basement finishing work every week.
  • A basement finishing company will be more knowledgeable about products and services for basement finishing – such as materials that work best, how to brighten a room, which paints are better, etc.  A general contractor or handyman is not going to usually have this kind of knowledge about basements because they do not specialize.
  • A larger company will stand by their work and be around.

If your basement finishing project includes basement walls, ceiling, and finishing a lot of elements, as is typical in an older home, then Basement Finishing with Pioneer is your best option for a basement finishing company because we are the experienced Uniontown experts who can get your basement done right.  Give us a call today to look at your basement and explore the possibilities.