Brimfield Basement Finishing

Brimfield has many beautiful homes that could benefit from basement renovation. Brimfield homeowners considering finishing the basement of their home know it is a financially smart decision to do such a home project. Moreover, they know the investment to finish the basement will pay off if and when they are ready to sell their home.

Northeast Ohio weather can play havoc with many homes in the area. The wear and tear on many of these homes due to the inclement weather can be noticeable from afar.

We have seen many older, gorgeous homes in Brimfield that are in need of some repairs. From a new roof to basement waterproofing and foundation repair, these homes have serious and problematic issues. These problematic issues can become very serious if they have been ignored for many years. But, above all, basement waterproofing and foundation repair can and will be more expensive to fix.

Basement Finishing / Basement Renovation

Many families in Brimfield are looking to finish the basement of their homes to add more livable space. For them, the decision to finish the basement of their home is a cheaper option than adding an addition. For example, they know the price of adding a 20×20 room will cost them an average of $50,000, and more headaches they probably are willing to handle. Plus, finishing the basement of their home will cost less and give them more square footage than a 20×20 room.

There are many benefits associated with a finished basement. The families can enjoy the family room they have always wanted, an office, a gym, or a children’s play area. The possibilities are many once you have a beautifully finished basement.

Finding and Hiring A Reputable Basement Finishing Company For Your Home

Once the decision to finish the basement of the home has been made, you need to find a reputable company to do the work. Who can you trust to deliver a job well done for you? You need a Basement Finishing Company with the experience to do the job well and who will guarantee their work. Finishing the basement of any home requires many steps that need to be done properly before continuing on to the next step. If you hire an inexperienced company, the job could be costly if they need to redo their mistakes. Plus, the time promised will not be close to achievable.

Every year, there are many new companies and contractors that advertise their basement finishing services. Those companies and contractors are new and lack the experience to deliver a job you will be happy about. If a company offers you a lower quote than you were expecting, chances are the price will increase as they begin the work.

Thankfully, Pioneer Basement Finishing is an established company with over 40 years of experience in the basement waterproofing, foundation repair, and finishing basement industry. We have professional teams dedicated to delivering a job well done and one you will be happy about. Established in 1979, Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing has the experience and expertise to waterproof and finish the basement of many homes across Northeast Ohio.

You can check our award-winning customer service awards, our Better Business Bureau(BBB) rating, Angie’s List, and Home Advisor reviews.

Finishing Your Home Basement In Brimfield with the Right Company
For your basement finishing project, Pioneer Basement Finishing will do a thorough inspection of your home. Our professional team will inspect the foundation of your home for water damage, and water seepage, and more importantly, they will inspect the integrity of the foundation. The Pioneer team will inspect the condition of your basement walls to look for any sign of water accumulation or damage. If your basement has any water accumulation on the floor or moisture build-up, they will find the problem. Plus any wall bowing, or cracks on the wall where water can seep through cracks, weak mortar joints, or the subfloor, they will find the problem and offer you a solution.

If on the other hand, the problems begin in the exterior of the home, they will check and find those issues as well. The Pioneer team will not begin any work finishing the basement of your home without being assured all waterproofing issues are fixed.

What Can You Do To Prevent Water Leaks In Your Home?

Many new homeowners do not realize the importance of having a clean, dry basement in their homes. As a Brimfield homeowner, you know having a dry basement is important. The air quality of the home alone is essential to have a healthy air environment for your whole family. What can you do to keep and maintain a dry basement?

Clean the Gutters of the home yearly. It is more important to clean them after the fall, when the abundance of leaves on the roof can clog them. Make sure they are free of debris, or other objects that can impede the flow and drainage of rain and snow.
Secure the downspouts. Make sure the spouting of the home is firmly in place. Secure them to make sure they won’t come loose after a heavy rainstorm.
A working drainage system is your first line of defense to prevent water from entering the basement of the home.
If there are any abutting concrete like driveways, patios, and sidewalks, leveled them to keep water from draining into the basement.
Leveled flower beds. If you have flower beds with excess mulch, rainwater can drain to the basement of your home. Make sure they are leveled and water is flowing away from the foundation.
It is important to keep in mind that a general inspection can be conducted by the homeowner whether you have a new or older home. It takes very little time to walk the perimeter of the home to look for any problems that you might have. And, if you have found problems, do not wait to call a professional to diagnose and fix those issues.

Where Is The Water Coming From?

A good company will tell you where and why water is seeping into the home. Also, keep in mind that there are 3 main areas where seepage can happen:

The walls, the seam where the walls meet the floor, and the subfloor are all potential issues.

The main waterproofing system is always installed during the construction of any home. This main waterproofing system is a sealant on the basement walls and a drain at the bottom of the foundation. The older the home, the more probable it is that the sealant of the home is gone, or almost gone. Therefore, the probability of water leaks increases. Similarly, the foundation drainage system installed during construction might not be working. Making leaks in the basement a common occurrence. Sometimes, the problems of water seepage can be a combination of both these problems.

If your home is waterproofed and has been inspected by a professional waterproofing company, then you can finish the basement. Otherwise, you need to contact a basement waterproofing company to inspect and waterproof the basement of your home.

Pioneer Basement Solutions is a basement waterproofing company with over 40 years of experience, and considerable knowledge with interior and exterior basement waterproofing systems. Furthermore, we have the expertise to fix any foundation repair or replacement your home has, with the right price tag.

The Benefits of Using The Best Materials For your Finished Basement

Many of the waterproofing problems many homes experience in Brimfield are related to the low quality of the materials used during construction. That’s one of the many reasons, we at Pioneer Basement Solutions and Finishing use the highest quality materials and the latest technologies to deliver a finished basement that will be protected from mold, mildew, and moisture in the years to come. Pioneer employees use foam board insulation instead of fiberglass because of the superior moisture quality barrier it has. Similarly, we use metal studs for finished basements because they will not rot or grow mold/mildew.

Many contractors use modular finishing systems. Such systems use multiple trim pieces which will be joined at the seams. As a result, the look will be more like a mobile home or office wall system. At Pioneer, we use materials that will blend seamlessly with the rest of the house.

How Much Will It Cost to Finish The Basement of my Home?
As with any home project, the price can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it. There are many variables when finishing the basement of your home, and as a homeowner, you need to have a reasonable budget and talk to the basement finishing company you decided to hire about pricing.

If you Google the price of a finished basement in your area, you are going to get different answers every time. The prince range can be between $25 and $50 per square foot. Or, it can be as high as $90. The price also depends on the square footage your home has, the materials you choose, and the number of rooms you want in the basement. The price will also depend on whether you want drywall or drop tile ceilings. If you want a bathroom or wet bar, the price might increase as well. If you want bedrooms in the basement, an egress window might need to be installed, and the price will be different. Talk to Pioneer Basement Finishing before you decide what you want to do with the basement of your home.

Are you ready to finish your Brimfield Basement?

Finishing the basement of your home is an investment you are making and a beautiful place to enjoy with your family. The extra square footage of livable space you will be acquiring will be enjoyable, to say the least. But, remember to have a budget and try to stick to it. Overspending can become stressful for the whole family even if you are enjoying the benefits of having a finished basement. Secondly, this is an investment you are doing, and having the best company to do the work is extremely important. We believe, Pioneer Basement Finishing is the right company to finish the basement of your home. We have the experience, the workforce, and the long history in the community to back up our claims of delivering a project with the highest workmanship in the industry. We offer you a free, no-obligation quote, with no strings attached. Contact us Today