If you have a basement remodeling project in Canton, Ohio this article is great for you. Not only will we give you before and after pictures of Canton basement finishing projects, but also provide you with details on a great canton basement finishing company.

One of our recent basement finishing projects in the Canton area started out with a dry, clean basemement that needed fully finished.

If you have an Ohio basement, especially in the Canton, Ohio region, and you are thinking about finishing it, we have something you will want to think about. First, as you research the options, be sure to look into basement waterproofing, basement finishing, basement remodeling, basement renovation, and basement foundation repair if it is an issue. These are all related, but which one you need depends on your particular basement condition, and Canton homes can have all kinds of issues. Let’s discuss the differences.

Foundation Repair in Canton, Ohio

Before doing any work, consider if you need basement foundation repair. This  is when you have a structural issue with your basement. This could be a crumbling basement wall, bowed walls, a sinking wall, or deterioration. Before you ever think about finishing or remodeling a basement, you should first have it inspected and any basement foundation issues need to be fixed before other work is done. There is no point in putting money and renovation into a basement that is going to have serious issues down the road.

Don’t worry, there are things that can be done to reinforce walls and repair basement foundations that will make a huge difference.

Pioneer Basement Finishing , Basement Finishing work

Basement Waterproofing in Canton, Ohio

If your Canton, Ohio basement foundation is in good shape, but you have a wet basement, then you want to look into a Canton basement waterproofing company. Even a good foundation can have water problems, such as seams leaking, that lead to water in the basement, or even you could have humid conditions and mold and mildew, which are not pleasant. You would not want to finish a basement with issues like these because the environment will be uncomfortable for you and your family and you will have problems with your finished basement quickly because of humidity and water that can damage your newly finished basement walls and ceiling.

Canton Basement Finishing

Canton basement finishing is what we do at Pioneer Basement Solutions. We finish the basement of your home and make it beautiful. We start when we go into a standard basement that does not have any water or foundational issues and finish the unfinished basement. This can include finishing basement walls, finishing the basement ceiling, sockets, finishing windows, adding doors, and more. Basement flooring can be done by any good flooring company that does basements.

Once all of these items are complete, your basement will have a beautiful rec room, family room, or other finished space that adds value and usable space to your Canton home.

Basement Renovation in Canton, Ohio

Basement renovation is different from basement finishing. Finishing is when you have an unfinished basement. It is taking an unfinished basement and finishing it into a wonderful extension to your home.

Basement renovation is taking a finished basement and updating or changing portions of it. Our Basement Finishing service can also help with renovation projects like this, but sometimes a homeowner will choose to do the basement remodeling themselves. A coat of paint or new flooring is considered a remodel. But if you want to make major changes, like move walls or remove old ceilings or drywall, give us a call because we can take out old finished areas and refinish your basement like it is new.

Homes in Canton, Ohio tend to be a bit older. Basements can be a great area in the home when fully finished, but checking the foundation, addressing waterproofing issues, and having a professional company do your Canton basement finishing is important to have a really great basement that is a valuable floor in your home and does not require more work and upkeep because you have addressed all the issues and made it safe before doing the finishing work. Basement finishing is an extension of Pioneer Basement Solutions, an Akron and Canton basement waterproofing company that all your basement needs from foundation repair, waterproofing, remodeling, and basement finishing to finish off the project. Give us a call and we can discuss transforming your basement into a clean, cheerful, useful part of the home.