Ready to expand your living space with a finished basement?

It may be easier than you think to expand-your living space with a finished basement. Your unfinished basement is space sitting there at your disposal, waiting to be used. It is an easy way of expanding the square footage of your home without building an addition on to your home. This space, when finished by Pioneer Basement Solutions, will not only give you more room but also add appeal in the market if you decide to sell later on.

Many families grow over time and the kids may need some extra room to play indoors. Maybe the grown ups also need some space to get away to! So begins the search for ways to extend space for living and storage. One way to get this space without looking for a new home is to expand- your living space with a finished basement. The uses for your additional living area are multiple, create an entertainment space, a home office, workshop, or home gym. Once your space is completed, you are open to endless possibilities.

family room in basement

Reasons for Developing a Basement Living Space:

1. A home getaway- me time is very important in a home, a place to quietly listen to music or read can become a treasured place with a busy family.

2. Recreational room- Placing a pool table or a theatre sized television for movie viewing in the main area of a home is not always the best spot. With people going back and forth, the concentration needed for these activities is not always great in the center of the home. A finished basement offers a step away from a home’s main traffic spots with a bit more relaxation.

3. Rental space- Enlist the assistance of Pioneer Basement Solutions finishing to design a rental space or an onsite apartment for a young adult while they are working to establish themselves.

4. Add an additional level to the home- Adding a finished basement to increase your home’s value is a splendid way to add a level to your home without investing in the search time and financial output for another home.

Why Enlist the Skills of a Professional to Refinish Your Basement?

A professional basement refinisher knows exactly what is required to protect your home from elements in the soil. Designing and constructing a safe, secure basement environment is enhanced by years of experience. Your basement ideas and building budget, with the assistance of a skilled builder, can evolve into a greatly expanded living space.

This is not a do it yourself project a homeowner might want to try since there are so many factors such as permitting and inspecting the waterproofing system as well as any potential structural issues. Walls and floors subjected to dampness may develop mold and mildew. These pathogens can cause illness and create odors that make your new living space an undesirable place of habitation. Winter, summer heat, and rain, all affect a basement area leaving it vulnerable if improperly constructed.

Contact Pioneer Basement Solutions for an evaluation of your space and ideas on how to expand your living space with a finished basement.