Hartville Basement Finishing

The Village of Hartville, with a population of 3,016 and an average property home value of $155,000 is a small village with great homes and a marketplace and flea market open all year.  The Village of Hartville was platted 169 years ago. It is a village with beautiful homes and a long history in Northeast Ohio. Some of the Hartville area homes are spectacular, The Historic Miller House in Greentown is one of these homes.  Renovations on these homes are not only needed but expected.  An 1840 home is an old home that can be a jewel or a problem for the homeowner.

Basic maintenance is needed every year in every home.  That’s one of the perks and satisfying jobs that we acquire when we become homeowners. Unfortunately, for many of these homes, the wear and tear can show in multiple ways. Many older Hartville homes have basements that are old, have been neglected and can be problematic for the homeowner.  They can have basement waterproofing and foundation problems that need to be fixed before thinking about doing anything else to the home.

Finish your hartville basement

Does your Hartville basement need to be improved? Does it need a foundation specialist? At Pioneer Basement Solutions, we can repair the foundation, waterproof and finish a basement with excellent workmanship. We are a reputable company with over 40 years history in the community. We are a professional company that can waterproof your basement, repair a crumbling foundation wall or finish/renovate your whole basement into a more luxurious part of your home, Pioneer Basement Solutions, is the Hartville basement waterproofing and finishing company you need to call.

We have a talented Hartville Basement Finishing team that can review all your basement problems. Our team will look at possible water leaks, dampness, and humidity problems as well as foundation stability problems to make certain those problems are taken care of before finishing your basement.

What are some of the problems you older home can be facing? Interior and exterior cracked and bowed walls, water seepage along the seams, water accumulation, and humidity are some of the more serious signs of a foundation problem. Many older homes experience some of these problems because of their age. Whether your home problems include cracked walls, basement floor, or finishing a basement, you need to have a professional inspection of the home.

Should you finish your Hartville Basement Home?

There are many benefits you get when you finish a basement.  The added extra space, playrooms for your children, an office, a workshop etc. plus, the added value to your home is the biggest incentive you can have.

Our professional basement finishing employees will inspect the home’s foundation to ensure the structural integrity of the home.  Issues that you might be experiencing or might not know exist will be tackled by our experienced team. Cracked or bowed foundation walls, or more concerning, crumbling foundation walls that can structurally be unsafe for your family will be spotted and taken care of by our employees. Crumbling foundation bricks and mortar are warning signs your foundation has serious problems. Our team will carefully assess the damage and offer a solution to your problems. 

Basement waterproofing and finishing are projects that need to be handle by a professional team.  Finishing a basement as well as renovating an old basement need specialists with many years of basement waterproofing and finishing experience. 

 Many of Hartville homes’ basements only a few years old will be easier to waterproof and finish without any major issues. But, Hartville basement finishing jobs are often done on older homes, which have issues like dampness, water, or other foundation issues as well. Structural issues, waterproofing, seepage, and drainage are serious issues that need to be fixed before finishing a basement and covering up the problem. As a homeowner, you do not want hidden mold and mildew behind your basement walls or a soggy carpet on your basement floor.  These issues are serious and can affect the air quality of your home and the health of you and your family. Dampness and humidity throughout the years can make the basement of your home much less useful and enjoyable for your family.

Pioneer Basement and finishing Solutions is a basement waterproofing and finishing company that renovates and finishes basements in Hartville as well as Canton, Akron, Medina, and Wadsworth.  We have been a well-established company since 1979.  Our long history in the Akron-Canton community area has allowed us to serve many families, and to provide services that allow them to enjoy their homes to the fullest.

Our excellent craftsmanship, and our commitment to provide excellent service have allowed us to have satisfied customers and referrals from those customers for many years.  We have worked in many places in the Northeast Ohio area.  Hudson, Stow, Tallmadge, and Munroe Falls Ohio are some of the cities where our services have made a difference in the amount of livable space homeowners can enjoy. Word of mouth advertising can be a powerful tool for a company, let your friends and family know we can finish their Ohio basement and make it a useful living space in their home. 

Your Hartville home is probably one of the biggest assets you own.  If you need to waterproof and finish your basement,  do you want to leave it at the hands of anyone?  Before starting a project, you should always consult different companies and obtain quotes from them.  The homeowner should expect clear guidance about the work they plan to do and a quote that won’t break his bank.  Finding a company with a long history in the community, a company that is well established and has the experience of over 40 years working with basements, including waterproofing and foundation issues is the only option you have.

If you are looking for a company with experience working with waterproofing, finishing, and foundation repair to finish your Hartville basement home, Pioneer Basement waterproofing and finishing is your company.  Hiring a company without a lengthy background may let you to discover serious issues later on which might put your family’s safety and health at risk. Instead of adding value to your home, the shoddy work can put an extra financial strain on your budget when problems get worse and need to be fixed again.

Can Hartville homes have something small completed?

Plenty of homes in the Northeast Ohio area need something fixed, or a project completed. But, not all Hartville basement homes need a complete makeover. Many times, the basement needs something done relatively simple. Do you need to install a new ceiling? Do you need to replace drywall? Do you need to install a drainage system?

Our company’s finishing team has great experience dealing with basement issues. We can do small or complex basement finishing projects for you.  We can fix walls, repair the foundation or finish the basement of your home.

Give us a call at 330-454-8066 and let’s talk about your project.

Hiring a handyman or subcontractor to finish your Hartville Basement might not be the wisest choice?

First of all you need to take a deep breath and think. You don’t want to save a little now so you can spend thousands later on. There is a big difference between hiring a handyman or a general contractor to finish your Hartville basement, and working with an experienced company. In this case, not every company is the same.  If you are looking to hire a company to help you increase the value of your home and provide comfortable living space for you and your family, these 5 tips and advice can help you:

  1. Call a basement finishing and waterproofing company with experience. Through the Better Business Bureau, you can find a company with a long history of great customer service in the area.
  2. When you hire a company like Pioneer Basement Finishing you can be assured doing business with us will bring certainty to the work and the craftsmanship we provide. We stand by our services. We have a long history in the Hartville-Canton area that backs up our claims.
  3. Contact and hire a company with the knowledge of the products and services of the industry.  What are the materials that work best? What is the best way to fix a room? Is this product energy efficient? A general contractor and more likely a handyman is not going to have this kind of knowledge about basement products and services because they do not specialize.
  4. Hire a basement waterproofing and finishing company with its own professional equipment, access to better supplies at reasonable prices, and the expertise to solve the problems as they come up.
  5. Hire a company with the knowledge about basement issues. If you are comfortable hiring an individual to repair a single wall, such an individual might get the wall patched up, but will that person be familiar with different issues, such as covering up a foundation issue that could be serious in your home?
  6. When you hire a professional company, you are hiring the experience they have. The finishing basement and waterproofing job will be done right and in less time with our experienced teams.
  7. At Pioneer Basement finishing and waterproofing, we have the insurance and licenses to provide you with excellent service and peace of mind.

There are many good reasons why you should waterproof and finish the basement of your home. Finishing the basement of  your home will add value to the home, and  add the extra livable space and comfort your family needs.

To finish the basement of your home an experienced company will ensure the integrity of the foundation before doing the array of jobs it requires to finish it. To finish a basement, it requires basement waterproofing, installation of basement walls, ceiling installation, and an array of other elements that can be troublesome in some of Hartville’s older homes.

Because of our experience, Pioneer Basement Solutions and our talented Basement Finishing team is your best option to finish and waterproof your basement.